Since it was founded in 2004, VISAVIS has taken a relevant position as an employee benefits player, designing insurance programs that include life, health and retirement solutions.

We work close with our Clients in developing and managing Benefit Plans that enable corporate strategies, aimed at the protection, reward and loyalty of their main asset: their employees.

Our team is well recognized by its technical capacity and independence.

We advise clients to:
  • anticipate needs
  • comply with current legislation
  • cut administrative costs and burdens
  • conduct efficient and effective risk management
What we do:
Global benefits management
  • Audit and information services provide a global analysis of responsibilities inherent to benefit programs, allowing cost-effective and ensuring data security
Global Consulting
  • Support in defining the benefits strategy, in order to comply with local laws.
  • Services include health and wellness, actuarial, captive management, as well as Multinational Pooling solutions.
  • Online platform to personal lines for employees at discounted prices
International mobility
  • Consultancy and implementation of health, retirement and other benefits for employees with international mobility.
Local Consulting
  • Support in the implementation and management of local employee benefit programs.
Investment Consulting
  • Consulting in defining investment policies with actuarial support and financial risk management services.
Corporate strategy
  • Support for multinational companies that start operations in new countries, providing information on existing benefit programs (coverage and average costs), local law and identification of the main risks.
  • Audit of insurance portfolios ("due diligence") when entering new markets results from merger or acquisition processes.
Cyber Risks
The digital transformation process on a global scale, the dizzying technological evolution and the massive use of data, are today's challenges and threats to companies on a permanent basis. Cyber attacks have become a reality for modern organizations, and it is clear that the scale of attacks has been increasing and their impact is intensifying. Today it is an obligation of modern organizations to keep constantly updated and with high levels of proactivity in management and prevention in terms of information, systems and communications security.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has widespread the use of electronic devices in the workplace or connected remotely, facilitating attacks on organizations. In addition, the migration to the digital world causes changes and evolutions in business models and changes the way companies interact with each other and with their customers.
The consequences of a cyber-attack can compromise a company's day-to-day life.
We highlight some:

  • Business interruption
  • Legal Actions
  • Loss of records
  • Need for investments in new operating and consulting systems to reverse the problem
  • Financial losses due to stoppage
  • Fall in the stock market
  • Influence a merger & acquisition process
  • Damage to the company\'s reputation
  • Fine for exposing customer data
VISAVIS has a partnership with a reference broker in Brazil - CLAMAPI - which is highly specialized in cyber risks.
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